Superficies antiadherentes y sostenibles

María Hernández-Rivas, Aránzazu Martínez-Gómez, Eliasabet Afonso, Pilar Tiemblo, Nuria García.
Revista de Plásticos Modernos, 125, 786 2023, 30-37.

Water and oil highly repellent surfaces have gained great importance due to their specific properties such as self-cleaning, anti-icing, and anti-biofouling. Nowadays, different types of non-stick surfaces inspired by Nature are known. Among them, those inspired by the lotus leaf have been the most studied and used in recent decades. However, the main limitations of this type of surface lie in its low mechanical stability and, in general, its poor effectiveness against liquids with low surface tension. That is why the need has arisen to design new and improved non-stick materials, inspired by the pitcher-shaped carnivorous plant called Nepenthes. These materials are known as SLIPS for Slippery Liquid Infused Porous Surfaces.

In our search for new materials with extreme liquid repellency, the main objective of this work is to create a fluorine-free slippery liquid infused surface, using simple and easily scalable methods. For this purpose, PLA was chosen as the raw material due not only to its biodegradability but also to its biobased origin.