23 Mar 2018
The TV program "EMPRENDE" (Entrepreneur) at 24h TV Channel interviewed Pilar Tiemblo and Ana L.... Leer más
19 Feb 2018
Mar López gave the lecture entitled: "Plastics my friends. The great unknowns" on... Leer más
19 Feb 2018
Pilar Tiemblo gave the lecture entitled: "The era of polymers: plastics, rubbers and many more" on... Leer más
25 Jan 2018
This is the title for the lecture given by Pilar Tiemblo in the highschool "IES Los Rosales" (... Leer más

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Journal of Physical Chemistry B
Leoncio Garrido, Inmaculada Aranaz, Alberto Gallardo, Carolina García, Nuria García, Esperanza Benito, Julio Guzmán

The conductive and diffusional behavior of electrolytes in media with different dielectric and viscoelastic properties is investigated. A revised model to separate the contribution of dissociated...

Francisco González, Pilar Tiemblo, Nuria García, Oihane Garcia-Calvo, Elisabetta Fedeli, Andriy Kvasha, Idoia Urdampilleta

A polymer/ionic liquid thermoplastic solid electrolyte based on poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO), modified sepiolite (TPGS-S), lithium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide (LiTFSI), and 1-Butyl-1-...


13 Nov 2018

HEMPOL was at the10th ECNP in San Sebastián from 3rd to 5th de October 2018.


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01 Oct 2018

HEMPOL group has a notable participation at GEP2018 XV MEETING OF THE POLYMER GROUP  which took...

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25 Jun 2018

The defense of the 2017-2018 ICTP...

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15 Jun 2018

On 16th and 17th, the first SALBAGE partners meeting took place in...

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