23 Mar 2018
The TV program "EMPRENDE" (Entrepreneur) at 24h TV Channel interviewed Pilar Tiemblo and Ana L.... Leer más
19 Feb 2018
Pilar Tiemblo gave the lecture entitled: "The era of polymers: plastics, rubbers and many more" on... Leer más
19 Feb 2018
Mar López gave the lecture entitled: "Plastics my friends. The great unknowns" on... Leer más
25 Jan 2018
On 16th November, HEMPOL and other groups from the Institute were filming a report about the ICTP... Leer más

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Journal of Materials Chemistry A
Jesus L. Pablos, Nuria García, Leoncio Garrido, Fernando Catalina, Teresa Corrales, Pilar Tiemblo

Ion gel polyelectrolytes (IGP) were prepared by photopolymerization of the synthetic cationic monomers: 1-(2-Methacryloyloxy)ethyl-3-butylimidazolium Bis(trifluoromethane sulfonyl)imide) (IMMATFSI...

Francisco González, Víctor Gregorio, Aitor Rubio, Leoncio Garrido, Nuria García * and Pilar Tiemblo *


A series of thermoplastic polymer electrolytes have been prepared employing poly(ethylene oxide...


15 Jun 2018

On 16th and 17th, the first SALBAGE partners meeting took place in...

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21 Jun 2017

The defense of the 2016-2017 ICTP Master Projects took place the 15th of June....

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27 Oct 2016

Pilar Tiemblo was one of the invited lecturer at the IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Devices...

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27 Oct 2016

On October 25th, the first Seminar of Young Polymer Researchers took place at the ICTP organized...

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